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Simple Forward Revive KETO Coffee Recipe

We are so excited that our coffee here at Forward Revive has officially launched and we want to bring you some great recipes to try. We believe health is key to a happy life, so we want to share some of our keto/low carb recipes as we personally utilize that lifestyle. This recipe today is a simple bulletproof keto coffee with a cinnamon kick. It is easy, and can be also made many different ways and methods. 

In this keto coffee recipe, we use pretty basic ingredients as you can see in the picture, which include grassfed butter, MCT oil, heavy whipping cream and cinnamon. Also known as bulletproof coffee, which essentially helps you get your fats macro in on a keto diet. A keto diet is a high fat, moderate protein, low carb way of eating.

We use the Forward Revive Whole Coffee Beans and grind it ourselves in this handy electric bean grinder. This one is by Cuisinart and it's very simple. You put the beans in the top, select the size of ground you want (small, medium or large) and how many cups to make. In my opinion fresh ground tastes a lot more flavorful and fresh.

The method we are using today to brew the coffee is the Chemex and Gooseneck Kettle. The coffee turns out so much more clean in this method. It takes away all the bitter flavor and most of the acid. This kettle we found at Target and it is electric also. You fill it up with water, push the button and it turns off automatically when it is hot enough. We recommend about 1/4 cup of coffee for a double use of coffee (for 2 people).

Now, we slowly pour in the water in the top of the Chemex. It is a little slower method, but definitely worth it. While that is brewing, I multitask a little and add all my ingredients into the Magic Bullet cup. I used 1 tbsp butter, 1 tbsp mct oil, 1 tbsp of heavy cream and a pinch of cinnamon.

Then we pour the coffee into the other ingredients and mix for about a minute. This is a great way to get it really frothy quick. If you don't like it as frothy, you can use a little battery powered hand mixer. We use both methods, depending on time. 

Now we pour it into a favorite cup and just dust the top with cinnamon, just enough to make it pretty. This is obviously optional, but we like to think it adds a little something without having to be sweetened.

This entire process takes about 10 minutes, but the taste in the very end makes it so worth it. If you have not done it this way, I highly recommend it! In 10 minutes you can have a restaurant worthy coffee and have energy to get your day going!


1 tbsp grassfed butter

1 tbsp MCT oil of choice

1 tbsp heavy cream

Cinnamon to taste.

Follow directions above for the perfect keto/low carb treat