Geekbuds has merged with FORWARD REVIVE. Our team is now focusing on what we do best, building brands. Geekbuds was founded in 2015 and was an instant hit with our customers.  Our plush products, emoji pillows, lifestyle apparel, limited edition clothing, skateboards, sunglasses and other accessories allowed the company to have rapid growth from day one. When we sold the plush business in 2017 the company went thru an identity crisis. It was an amazing time for business growth and expansion but at the same time, we sold the core of the business. The plush is what made Geekbuds so successful right out of the gate. When we sold that line we had to pick up the slack with other products. That's when we decided to spin off the most successful products into other brands and realized the Geekbuds team real strength, creating brands and products. So naturally, we pivoted to creating brands instead of products under the Geekbuds label. Since 2015 the Geekbuds brands has created 6 companies in multiple niches including ForwardRevive, for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. The premier lifestyle brand for Entrepreneurs, Makers, and Creators. While we no longer sell Geekbuds branded products retail, we still create amazing products for our other brands. The new vision for Geekbuds is behind the brand, not out front like the first 3 years in business.

Same company, same vision, different business model. 

We would all like to thanks the thousands of customers who made this transition possible. 

Now go check out some of our cool products here on Forward Revive.

~ Team GB


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